About the Stockton Tennis Club


The Stockton Tennis Club operates out of the Oak Park Tennis Center which is owned and operated by the City of Stockton. Part of the arrangement between the Stoctkon Tennis Club and the City of Stockton is that the club promotes area tennis and helps with the maintenance of the site.

Club History

The Stockton Tennis Club (Club) was originally founded in 1897 in an era of long white pants and pear shaped racquets. At the time, the Club used three dirt courts located at the corner of Hunter and Flora Streets. The Club then moved to California Street across from the old Stockton High School where three courts were constructed and used for many years.

In 1921, the City of Stockton's Recreation Department built the first asphalt courts at Oak Park. These courts were eventually replaced with concrete courts due to sub-soil problems which caused cracking of the asphalt surfaces. Four more courts were added at the east end of the clubhouse, bringing the total number of courts at the Oak Park public tennis facility to ten.